Welcome to Summer In July! A platform created by a passionate mother and daughter duo from the Netherlands where happiness, mutual trust and respect unite together to form the foundation of a kickass relationship between parent and teenager.

Do you dream of a relationship like Meryl and Amanda in Mamma Mia? Or the deep love between Will and Jaden Smith in The Pursuit of Happyness?

Well, we believe we can help to create and strengthen such a meaningful bond while sharing our own family journey in a fun and unique way! By giving you the tools to ignite more love and joy into your family relationships, we hope to spread a whole load of #familyspirit your way.

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About Juliette


Hi there, I’m Juliette and mama of three teenage daughters, Yasmin, Jada & Kaylee. I love working on my body and mind as a Pilates teacher and personal development trainer, but above all I love being a dedicated parent.

As many of you have noticed, becoming a parent doesn’t come with a handbook or script! To be honest, being a mama has been quite a journey so far! For the last 19 years, I have experienced all kinds of ups and downs, and writing this blog together with Yasmin could help you to avoid some of the classical mistakes I made during this remarkable journey of parenthood, in particular the turbulent teenage years!

I love being a mama, even when it comes with the the aches and pains of raising three teens on my own. You can’t compare anything with being a parent. The unconditional love, the intense emotions, full hearted happiness and the constant worry. As a parent, your first purpose in life is to take full responsibility for your kiddies and to create the best ever relationship between you and your child.

When your child hits puberty, it’s like finding yourself in a thunderstorm! Teenagers can change into monsters as the hormones rage through their body and to your dismay, they suddenly show interest in the other sex…. Ieuwww! They challenge your patience by spending their free time on social media and on their mobile phones. On top of that, they are not even the slightest bit bothered about your feelings and value their peers opinion more than yours! Man… it’s a hard knock life for any parent!

And that’s where we come in! Yasmin and I believe the teenage years should be fun between parent and child. As a parent we find it hard to make that a shift in our mindset and find it damn hard to let go of that piece of the innocence.

Here at Summer In July we will show you how to make this transition a smooth one!

Enjoy! x


About Yasmin


Heeey guys, I’m Yasmin and make up of ⅓ of mama’s teenage daughters and ½ of Summer In July. But why the name Summer In July? The name is a combination of my middle name “Summer” and July from Juli(ette), which we thought sounded great with the “in” bringing it together!

Besides having a beautiful middle name, thank you parents, I am an ambitious teen with a big love for travelling, cheesy rom coms, and books.










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