With technology playing an enormous roll in our society, and families having quick acces to their phones, it’s easy to make use of the apps our phones, tablet and laptop has to offer. In our househeld we are a strong believer in using apps to create a happier and certainly more relaxing home. Every single one of us has our own favourite app, and that app says a lot about our personality too!

Below, we share a list of our families favourite apps from communication to sharing family activities:

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Family Favourite: Wunderlist

A to-do list & tasks app we like to use to keep track of our groceries, weekly chores and many other lists.
Groceries: When we’re out of a product, it’s easy to let the rest of the family know by listing it in groceries. Not only does the person doing the shopping have a clear overview of the shopping list, but it lets everyone in the app know what we have and don’t have which comes in handy when cooking dinner.
Weekly chores: Although we’re still working on this one, and trying to get everyone off their lazy butts, everyone knows what their chore is for that week. And you can remind the other person of that chore when they seemingly “forget”.
Tip: We also used this app when we moved house listing what was needed for our bedrooms, how many people were helping with the move and what tasks were needed to be done, like informing our doctor and dentist of our new address. For everyone who’s had experience with moving you’ll know, the more prepared you are, the less stress you have, and the more smoothly the move will go.

Juliette: WhatsApp

Juliette loves using WhatsApp as a great communication tool to connect with business associates, as well as family and friends. Similar to iMessenger, WhatsApp is a awesome messaging app to send photos and videos and keep in contact with people from all around the world, as well as your local area. And the best part is it connects to your phone’s internet connection so you don’t pay any rates and prevents high monthly phones bills. Keeping track of the kids is essential and this makes the communication a lot easier.

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Yasmin: Pinterest & Instagram

Yasmin is all about inspiration whenever, wherever, 24/7. It’s the first two things she checks in the morning and the last thing she looks at at night. Pinterest is a great tool to find the quotes, recipes and fashion inspiration that can kick-start your day and be a constant trigger for positivity. She loves using Instagram for sharing experiences, travels and day-to-day activities. Share photo’s with your family and friends and follow your favourite pages on Instagram for an inspirational feed.

Jada: Spotify

Jada is big music lover and an even bigger dreamer. If she has her headphones in, it’s impossible to talk to her! This soon to be 15-year old just loves her Shawn Mendes & 5 Seconds of Summer, as well as finding new music to share with the rest of the family as well. This music app is a great source to finding new music and listening to some of your favourite artists and favourite tunes.

Kaylee: Snapchat 

Kaylee is the socialite of the family. She’s always out and about, hanging out with friends doing god knows what 13/14-years do. She loves talking to her friends 24/7, which sometimes drives the family nuts, and especially her crazy school antics on Snapchat, but she certainly knows how to have fun and enjoy her teenage years with her friends. And most importantly, she knows the limits of using Snapchat and respects that.

What apps do your family members love to use and why?