Online is great, but offline is even better! Online inspiration can be a tool to change people’s lives, but the delicate relationship between parent and teen need more than that. So Yasmin and I decided to brainstorm about organizing a fun event. An event where we gather parents and their teens together to strengthen the relationship, where we all learn about the importance of family connection and to reflect on the impact of the family foundation.

The result: The #Familyspirit Day. A day where families grow as a team, get new mindsets and learn how to create openness towards each other. It should be a energetic family event fueled by parents, teens, sport, learn and most importantly FUN!

First stop was looking for a location. Luckily in the Netherlands there are many football courts and basketball fields built for the neighbourhood and we found a perfect one near our house.

Secondly we contacted family and friends with teens to invite them and to be honest, it wasn’t always an easy task. Teens seem to come from another planet as they want to spend as little time as possible with their families, but somehow many of our friends were able to convince their teens to join us!Even though I was worried about the rain in the morning, our first edition kicked off on a sunny Sunday towards the end of August. To get the party started, we divided the parents and teens to discuss about what family means to us. It was so great to hear the difference between the teen point of view and that of the parents. You can imagine there were some different looks on situations but it was fun to hear it from both sides.


A team sport is a great way to connect with your family members and football is the perfect sport to create some┬áteam building. Ten minutes and two or three families against each other….my goodness I never thought that playing football for ten minutes could be so hard! I was knackered but it was so much fun!

Families were being interviewed to share their high and lows (their private stories coming soon!) and we laughed our asses off by performing a silly family cheer or handshake in public.

We didn’t starve either as great homemade food brought by the parents were put together to magically create a lovely cold buffet.

Yasmin and I are so happy and grateful to say it was a successful day and the response was great. They loved the connection they felt with each other, the new insights about the relationship and most of all they all had fun!

To make any impact on people’s lives we will be organizing more #Familyspirit Day events with different themes. We are already preparing for the next event to make a difference!

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