There’s no fun day, like a family day at the beach. We absolutely love spending time with our family, grandkids laughing their heads off together, parents sharing each other life tips and the grandparents enjoying every moment of it! Our family bond is very strong, and that continues through three generations! So we were so happy to spend time with the family last weekend for Juliette’s cousin’s birthday who lives in the Hague. Well frankly, he lives 5 mins from the beach, and that’s where we were headed!

While the adults sat back and enjoyed the view from the sand, with a stunning view of the dunes behind them, the kids enjoyed the water more than anything. They even created a crab farm in the sand, with their mission to rescue stranded crabs on the beach.

All in all it was a really fun day together and it makes us cherish the small family moments we still have together!

See what adventures we got up in our first ever blog:

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Juliette & Yasmin