We’re excited to share that we have created a Summer In July YouTube channel. We have been eager to film videos and create visual content aside from online content on this website. We love writing posts and share our experiences through words on the screen, but there’s just something about watching a video that is so much more visually appealing.

Like on our blog, we will be sharing our tips, experiences and thoughts with the same goal as this website: strengthening and creating wonderful family relationships. On the occasion we’ll also be giving you a sneak peak into our lives as we attempt to vlog some of our fun family activities.

Get ready to laugh, learn and live as we mix our awkward on screen personalities with the great content we’re excited to share.

Check out our introduction video below, and get to know more about who we are and what we love to do too:

Stay up to date with our videos by hitting the subscribe button on our channel, and we’ll see you very soon!

Juliette & Yasmin